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Process Design and Consulting services are provided as stand-alone assignments or in conjuction with one of the following activities. While some or all of these activities may be needed for major capital projects, for smaller projects it is common to bypass and/or combine elements from two or more of them. This allows us to serve small to medium-sized clients at very competitive rates and still deliver a high-quality design package. Give us a call to discuss how we might tailor our services to meet your needs.

We provide a unique combination of process design skill and real-world operations experience. We specialize in process and project design for the petrochemical, lubricants, food, and paint industries. We provide a full range of services including feasibility studies, conceptual design, basic and detail design, as well as procurement, supply and construction management. We are experienced in the design, modification, and supply of mixing and blending plants; especially in the areas of bulk liquid storage & handling, tank car loading and unloading, tank truck loading and unloading, liquid blending and packaging systems, piggable transfer lines, and piggable manifold systems.

We will perform an analysis of your current operation and determine what modifications should be made to improve overall performance, reduce waste & cross contamination, reduce operating costs, and enhance product quality. The analysis is done by first calculating an "ideal" plant configuration and then comparing that with the existing plant and operating systems. The result of the analyses will show how the existing plant and systems might best be utilized, and what modifications or additions should be considered to improve them.

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