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Beamer & Associates, Inc. is proud to be a representative for MightyLine™, a division of ShieldMark, Inc., who have developed an economical floor striping system that lasts!

Please give us a call to request further information or to place an order. We are confident that we can meet your needs.

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Special Application Striping Floor Marking Floor Signs Easy Installation Pricing

MightyLine™ is a durable striping product that is the superior and economical alternative to stripe painting. MightyLine is easily installed and maintained. It is also removable, making it the perfect tape for all your marking needs.
  • Quick, easy installation with no downtime
  • Available in seven standard colors: red, white, blue, black, yellow, orange & green.
  • MightyLine™ can be color matched to your corporate colors (with a minimum 24-roll order).
  • Different colored center lines can be set in the middle of the standard colored floor lines.
  • Available in 1", 2", 3", 4" and 6" widths on 100' long rolls.
  • No smelly fumes or messy paint
  • Easy to clean with industrial floor scrubbers
  • Readily removed for reconfiguration
  • 3-year limited warranty
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Painting vs. MightyLine Aisle Striping

Painting Disadvantages
  • Longer time to install
  • Thinner finish
  • Dry time required
  • Production downtime
  • Difficult to remove
Painting vs. MightyLine  
MightyLine Advantages
  • Installs quickly
  • Thicker finish
  • No dry time
  • No production downtime
  • Removes easily

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Just Peel and Stick with MightyLine's high-strength, double-coated tape featuring a removable pressure sensitive rubber-based adhesive. It offers immediate quick stick, yet allows for removal without leaving residue.


The Easy-On Applicator makes the job even faster. Install 1,500 feet in an hour or less. The MightyLine Easy-On Applicator is equipped with an adjustable laser and engineered with true-tracking construction, making your job a breeze. Applicator may be purchased or rented.
 MightyLine Applicator
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Stripes {short description of image}
  MightyGlow   Diagonal Stripe Tape Repeating Message Tape
  MightyGlow is the glow-in-the-dark (luminescent) peel & stick safety line. A one-half inch wide luminescent center line is co-extruded into the 4" wide safety line. By co-extruding the stripe in the center of the tape, you get a floor line that contrasts with surrounding floor colors in normal light conditions, yet lights the path to safety in case of a power outage.   Our bright, easily recognized diagonally striped MightyLine hazard warning tapes call attention to hazardous locations or potentially dangerous situations. Comes in 2", 3", 4" and 6" widths.
MightyLine's repeating message tape will alert occupants to stay away or use caution near marked areas. Our MightyLine tape can be printed with your own customized continuous repeated message.

Checkerboard Tape
Our checkerboard aisle striping is perfect for highlighting special areas inside your facility. Comes in 2", 3", 4" and 6" widths.
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  Dots   Angles & T's   Footprints
  MightyLine Dots   MightyLine Angles & T's   MightyLine Footprints
Use MightyLine Dots in areas where skids are pushed and pulled across marked floors making maintenance and replacement easier.
Our MightyLine angles & T's aid in marking the proper placement of equipment, tools, vehicles, pallets and other items on your facility's floor.
Keep pedestrians out of harm's way by identifying pedestrian walkways with MightyLine footprints. Add additional security during power failures with our new MightyGlow fluorescent center-lined footprints.

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 Keep Clear Sign     Arc Flash Zone Sign Position these floor signs in front of electrical panels and doors to ensure they remain free of clutter and remain OSHA compliant.

Available in 24"x36" and 36"x42" sizes.
   Fire Extinguisher Sign Use this floor sign to improve awareness and recollection of fire extinguisher locations, and help prevent disasters caused by fire. Ensure the fire extinguishers are readily accessible should a fire emergency occur.

Available in 24"x36" and 36"x42" sizes
 Stop Sign   Stop & Think Sign Improve your facility's PMHV safety by positioning these floor signs at aisle ways intersections.

Available in 16", 24", 36", 48" and 54" sizes
   AED & Oxygen Sign Use this floor sign to highlight your Automatic External Defibrilator locations. Improved awareness and quick recollection of your AED locations could save a life.

Available in 18"x24" size.

  • MightyLine Cold Storage adhesive tape is now available for applications under 40 deg.F.
  • MightyLine can handle Custom Colors or Custom Printed Messages

Please give us a call to request further information or to place an order. We are confident that we can meet your needs.

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