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A piggable transfer system is a self-cleaning piping system used to transfer bulk products (liquid or solid) from one point in a process to another with minimal pipeline losses. Properly designed, a single piggable pipeline can replace numerous dedicated pipelines with little or no impact on production scheduling or product quality. The common practice of flushing pipelines to clean them prior to a subsequent product transfer can be eliminated, along with the resulting accumulation of line flush and/or cross-contaminated product. In metering and loading systems, the use of piggable transfer lines can allow the meter to be remote-mounted from the receiving vessel. In such systems, the product is metered directly into the line and the pig is used to clear the line forward to the receiving vessel. This type of system can significantly reduce overall piping costs and enhance operations in foul-weather or hazardous areas.

A piggable transfer pipeline is specially designed to be cleaned-in-place, either manually or automatically, using a pig. A pig (pictured right) is a cylindrically shaped device equipped with one or more wiping features that are slightly larger than the inside of the pipe. As the pig is propelled through the pipeline, its wiping features scrape and/or squeegee the inside surface of the pipe. Pigs are typically made from elastomers that will not react with, or be degraded by, the products being transferred, such as polyurethane, polyethylene, Buna-N, viton or EPDM.

 SUD Pig

Pigs can be propelled by compressed air (most common), nitrogen, water, solvents, or by the products themselves. Special devices, called pig launcher/receivers (PLR's) (pictured right), are used at both ends of the pipeline to launch and receive the pig during cleaning operations and to house the pig when it is not in use. To ensure that the pig will travel the length of the piggable pipeline without getting stuck, special piggable fittings (tees, valves, etc.) and long radius elbows are incorporated in the design of the system. Movement and tracking of the pig inside the pipeline can be computer-controlled or manual. Various levels of automation are possible, depending on budget and the specific needs of the application. All necessary piggable components and automation equipment are available through Beamer & Associates.

 Pig Launcher

The installation of piggable systems will yield a number of tangible benefits for the facility. The following list includes just a few of them.

Piggable System Benefits:

  •  Reduced linewash & flushing
  •  Reduced cross-contamination
  •  Reduced flush solvent consumption
  •  Reduced product loss
  •  Reduced need for multiple transfer lines
  •  Reduced laboratory testing of line samples
  •  Reduced compressed air consumption
  •  Reduced transfer cycle time
  •  Reduced need for hose connections
  •  Reduced hose connection safety hazards
  •  Reduced environmental risk

Beamer & Associates, Inc. is dedicated to the successful execution of your pigging project. From initial concept through design, installation, and commissioning, we will make sure that your needs are met and that the finished system performs as designed. We provide products of the highest quality that are supported by years of dedicated service and solid real-world experience. The following is a list of services that we provide in conjunction with piggable system projects.

Our Services:

  •  Conceptual design and optimization of piggable transfer systems
  •  Complete design services for new systems or changes to existing systems
  •  Design and Supply of the automated control for the transfer system
  •  Field troubleshooting and analysis of existing piggable transfer systems
  •  Automation of existing systems
  •  Equipment Supply for all aspects of the piggable system
  •  Start-up and commissioning of new or revised systems
  •  On-site operator training

For additional information or to discuss a particular application, please contact us!

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