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Proper pump selection can be crucial in a blending and packaging plant design. From bulk unloading and transfer, to blending, and finished product distribution, pump hydraulics can make or break the efficiency of the facility. For this reason, Beamer & Associates , Inc.performs a hydraulic calculation for every pump it recommends. Because this can be a time-consuming task, a number of in-house computerized tools have been developed to make the process more efficient. The pump installation shown at the right is a typical positive displacement pump to be used in a tank car unloading operation.

 Positive Displacement Pump

Parameters critical to the hydraulic calculation include the minimum process design temperature (the lowest expected operating temperature during the year), viscosity characteristics of the fluid to be pumped, the suction and discharge piping size/configuration, the overall distance the fluid will be pumped, and the expected pumping rate. The result of the calculation defines the pump size, the required NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head), the required discharge pressure, the pump capacity (or flow rate), and the motor horsepower needed.

Depending on the nature of the fluid to be pumped, the type of pump selected can be critical. Typical types of pumps which may be considered include positive displacement, centrifugal, progressive cavity, peristaltic, and discflow.

Beamer & Associates, Inc. does not represent any particular pump manufacturer, but enjoys a favorable discount with several, including Viking, Blackmer, Roper, Moyno, and Plenty, just to name a few. This arrangement allows us to "shop" for the best price breaks and split orders between vendors, if necessary, to ensure that our clients get the best value.

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